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Hari Subagya

(Motivator Perubahan, Trainer, Pembicara publik & Penulis buku)

"What time is it? Time to change!!!!!"

Hari Subagya is known for his fun, interactive, positive and friendly style of clean and original humor, complete with built-in, highly customized success messages. He was recently as a Public Speaker and Trainer for some topic, such as: Leadership, Motivation, Sales & Distribution, Change, Customer Service and Public Speaking.

He is an national motivator, Trainer, Public speaker and book author (High Performance Sales Supervisor, Time to Change, Succsess Proposal, TIME TO CHANGE IN SELLING & Creating HAHAHA: BIP (Gramedia Group). More than 1.200.000 audiences and hundred of companies use his service of training and consultancy.

Hari Subagya's clean and clever messages "hit" his audiences, and "wake them up" to make some changes, do something BIG, and realized, that everybody have the same opportunity to be success person in "one way ticket" of life. Always deliver fresh idea and up to date information and method. With some game, humor,contemplation, Hypnotise, and unexpecting tools. His style of speaking is very inspiring and motivating. You can smile, laugh or even you will drop your tears, cause he know how to touch your heart and motivating from internal side. His caring attitude towards his audiences is easy to observe, and he enjoys getting to know his audiences before and after the presentation!

Hari's interactive seminar/workshops involve some of the techniques professional speakers use to find something funny in everyday events in our lives along with some improvisational master trainer techniques to encourage spontaneity - workshops to show us ways to enjoy and perform in our everyday lives, at home or at work. Your entire life.
Working experiences as System Solution Manager (Marthatilaar Group), Business Development Manager (Ariston), Business Manager (Upaya Pakar Informindo) Education Director (Indonesian Recruitment & Training Institute), Excecutive Director (PT. Asia, Lumintu Group) and He’s founder of BisnisPartner.com

Motivational Humorist Hari Subagya has many years experience as a professional public speaker. His unique and entertaining presentations emphasize team-building, customer service, Motivation and Sales. He gets his message across through fun and humor.

Hari Subagya formed Originally Speaking to combine his public speaking skills along with his business and writing skills to bring presentations on the importance of humor to businesses and professional organizations. Whether you need a 45 minute keynote or after-dinner speaker, a 90 minute break-out session or a full-day or half-day workshop/seminar, Hari Subagya's presentations involve the audience. He does his homework. He researches the organization that he is speaking to and delivers content appropriate to their agenda.

Married. Have 2 daughters and 1 Son. Born in 26th of August 1968 Middle Java Indonesia. Please Visit BisnisPartner.com for more detail information. (Training Album & Video)



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